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Project Management Information System Construction Module

The construction phase is the most complex activity in industrial projects. Various reasons, such as unique circumstances of each project, quality requirements of the projects, construction circumstances of the projects, different conditions of the construction contracts, the many small and big construction activities, etc. affect this complexity. Though, the numerous activities of the construction phase and the complex relationships between various activities of this phase are the two factors that can be mentioned as the most important influential factors in this complexity.

For this reason, having comprehensive software in the construction phase of industrial projects, which can manage the various construction processes of a project, and more importantly, understand the relationships between these processes, can be an unquestionable help to resolve these complexities and manage the execution of a project.

The Construction Phase Management Module from the CETIYA Industrial Project Execution Management software is a powerful tool to manage the construction of industrial projects by providing modules specific to different disciplines of the project, managing all processes and activities in the construction phase, and also understanding the relationships between these activities.


PMIS Modules for Project Construction Phase


Site Technical Office Management Module
Managing All The Processes of Technical Office Issues in All Project Disciplines (Civil, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument, etc)
Project Standards, Project Drawings, ISO Metric Drawings, Equipment, Spools, Joints, Materials, etc

Construction Material Management Module
This Module Manage All Material Related Processes in Construction Phase Such As Warehouse Processes, Material Booking, Material Issue, Warehouse Inventory, Material Balance, Over Issued Material Calculation, etc.

Piping Management Module
Manage All Piping Processes in Construction Phase From Fit-up, Weld, NDT (None Destructive Test), PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment), HT (Hardness Test), Test Package Workflow Management To Reinstatement And Preparing The Project to Entering to The Commissioning Process

Mechanical Management Module

Steel and Non-steel Structure Management Module
Constructing steel and non-steel structures of a project, as one of the most important processes of a project’s construction phase in terms of the piping and mechanical preventive activities, is of a great significance. Also, the relationship between this process and the piping and mechanical processes creates its own special complexities in the project. Managing the fundamental information, the construction processes, and the interactions between this discipline and the other disciplines of the project is the CETIYA Steel and Non-steel Structure Management Module responsibility.

3D Piping Data Extractor Module
The module provides the technical office personnel the capability of conducting all the site technical office processes related to the piping lines in a three-dimensional and user-friendly environment. The module greatly affects expediting the site technical office processes, ensuring data accuracy, and reducing the costs of this phase by automatically importing the project lines 3D models from the piping, weld joints and automatic spooling design software, and extracting complete information of the project lines, weld joints, spools, the material of each line, the cut length of each line, etc.

Project Work Front Calculation Module
Calculating The Real Work Front of Project In Each Discipline is One of The Most Comprehensive Issues in Industrial Projects. CETIYA PMIS Could Computing the Real Work Front of Project by Consuming the Project Facts and Factors (Available Material, Project Priorities, IFC Drawings, Project Hold Points, etc)

Civil Management Module
Manage All Processes And Information Related To Civil.

Electrical and Instrument Management Module
Due to the complexity, volume and diversity of information in the electrical and instrument discipline of a project, which places this discipline among the difficult processes of a project, the Electrical and Instrument Management Module manages and controls the processes associated with the execution of this discipline.

Tank Storage Management Module
The module is an information and work process system, which is created to control, navigate and document all construction processes and activities of constructing the tanks in large industrial projects. This system receives the project’s engineering phase output data and the construction plans data from the Site Technical Office Management Module, and controls and manages all work processes in this matter up to the pre-commission phase, such as fit-up, welding, non-destructive tests, heat operations, pressure test, the weld joints coloring and coating, spools, and the project lines.