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The idea of producing the Project Management Information System was formed in 2002 during the project of phases 4 and 5 of the Iran South Pars gas field development plan and its initial stages of research and development was carried out during 2002 and 2003. Its first version was released and used as a pilot in mentioned project

During the years 2008 to 2011, the initial core of the group CETIYA was established and the first version of the module Piping process management in industrial projects (as the first subsystem) was produced and released to the Iran’s industrial market. This software currently includes 3 main subsystems for the process management of the project’s engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning phases of a project and also 10 subsystems for the project management in the construction phase, in different disciplines of site technical office, Material, piping, Support, civil, electrical and instrument, mechanical, storage tanks and steel structures.

CETIYA is Iran’s most powerful software company in producing industrial project management software and its tools. Due to its experienced human resources, CETIYA is honored to be present in most of the country’s projects in oil, gas and energy industry. And most of the large and small companies that are involved in execution of the oil, gas and energy projects use our software.

The Quality of CETIYA PMIS Software and Efficiency of Our Support Services, Has Led Our Customers to Trust in CETIYA.



Project Management Information System


By relying on its understanding of EPCC projects and the technical knowledge of its team in creating enterprise software, CETIYA has produced the Industrial Project Execution Management software. This software, which is categorized in the class of project management information systems (PMIS), is the most powerful specialized and integrated software in Iran, using the EPCC management method. And it has the ability to control, navigate and monitor all the processes and activities of the industrial projects in four phases of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of a project.


The CETIYA Software is not a planning and project control software, but it’s a project execution management software and by recording precise information of the real project operations and producing high level reports, in collaboration with the planning and project control software, is able to provide managers with precise and comprehensive insight of the reality of the project’s progress. Therefore, the decision making process with the real information, facilitates the project execution.

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Engineering Phase Management Module

Engineering Management Module

Procurement Phase Management Module

Procurement Phase Management Module

Construction Phase Management Module

Construction Phase Management Module

Commissioning Phase Management Module

Commissioning Phase Management Module

Project Special Tools

Project Special Tools


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Producing Specialized Software

Relying on its experts in designing and development of specialized software, and based on the latest technologies, CETIYA offers the client its fully customized and need-base services. We attempt to, before any other action, precisely analyze the needs of the client and use all the mentioned technological potentials, and therefore, get the client’s approval of the pre-production phases with detailed documenting and providing prototypes. The project control and management of the software production has its own distinct characteristics, which we pay special attention to them when exec