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Project Management Information System – Engineering Module

The most important activities in every project are generating and managing documents, updating, controlling workflow, being aware of the latest status of the engineering documents, and sharing the approved documents with the departments of procurement, construction, etc. in the engineering phase of a project, which are the most troublesome and difficult activities in this area. These complexities are due to the nature and the high volume of information and interactions between the documents in this activity, because the process of generating documents, distributing them among the involved companies and their experts, preserving their comments and records, and generating new revisions until having a final and approved document is a very complex process and it contains a high volume of information.

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پروژه های ستیا

The CETIYA Engineering Phase Management Module is a web-based software that manages and navigates all processes in the engineering phase of a project and the internal and external flow of documents.

The distinction between the CETIYA engineering process management software and the similar software is that this system is produced completely web-based and with an ultra-organizational approach. Therefore, befitting the status, need and policy of the client, all the companies and experts involved in the project, including design companies, client, administrator (TPA), and design, procurement, construction and other subcontractors can directly connect to the system and view the information related to them and work with the system in their defined scope of access. This system manages the distribution, document flow, transmittals, and the collection of comments and approvals not only inside the organization (internal workflow), but also within all companies (external flow).
In addition, a key and practical feature of the system is the fully automatic search of the document texts and electronic files of different formats attached to the documents, such as PDF, AutoCAD, PDS, PDMS, Word, Excel, etc., using special algorithms and without the need to enter information into the system.

General Specification

Web User Interface
Mobile Application
User Friendly
Private User Cartable
Ability to Share the Project Data Between All Project Parties Such as Client, TPA, Subcontractors, etc.
Ability to Define Data Access Permission for each Project Parties
Ability to Define Operation Access Permission for each Operator & Operator Groups

Document Management Abilities

Multi Project
Multi Discipline Document Management
MDR (Master Document Registration) Management
Document’s Meta Data Management
Import MDR by Excel & Access Files
Document Revision Management
Ability to Define Document Revising Procedure
Ability to Define Document Status Procedure
Define Project Distribution Matrix
Document Internal Workflow Management
Document External Workflow Management
Ability to Manage the Letters, Minute of Meetings, etc and Relate them to Documents
Ability to Relate each Document to Other Documents & Letters
Ability to Attach Note to each Document
Ability to Attach Electronic Files to each Document
Ability to Search in Document Context

Transmittal Management Abilities

Document External Workflow Management
Automatic Transmittal Generation and Cover Letter
Define Coordination Procedure
Automatic Document Distribution Between Project Parties

Document Distribution Management

Workflow Engine
Ability to Define Specific Workflow for Each Action on Documents
Internal Document Workflow Management by Workflow Engine
External Document Workflow Management by Workflow Engine
Ability to Define Coordination Procedure for Each Document or Document Categories
Connect to Email Server to Send Notification Emails

Project Progress Calculation

Dِefine Project WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
Assign WBS Items to Documents
Automatic Document Progress Calculation
Automatic Project Progress Calculation

Import and Export

Ability to Export All System Data to MS Excel, MS Access, HTML, Text, PDF
Attach Electronic Files to Related Documents
Download Electronic Files of Each Document
Ability to Search in Document Context