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Project Management Information System Procurement Module

Procurement and logistics are one of the oldest activities of organizations to achieve their goals. Also, in subcontracted projects and investment plans, the procurement and logistics of raw materials, human resources, etc. includes a major part of the activities of the project team. In construction and investment projects, the procurement does not mean to only satisfy the requirement of a project, but also to obtain materials needed for a project in accordance with the specified schedule and quality, in order to get to the final stage and to deliver the investment project on time. Nowadays, with the growth of technology, especially the information technology, the nature of supply and purchase is rapidly changing, and the society and organizations are observing the increasingly impact of the intense competitions, new commercial activities, quality, product and process design, centralization and decentralization, innovation, long-term supply guarantee of products, etc.

تماس با ستیا

تماس با ستیا

CETIYA Procurement and Logistics Process Management Module is a subsystem of the Industrial Projects Management software, which is produced to manage all procurement and logistics in industrial projects.

On the other hand, managing the logistics and procurement of a project is a comprehensive, organized and systematic solution, which leads to the integration of the interactions with vendors and subcontractors, including inquiry, bidding, procurement, and more precise monitoring and control of the procurement process. The processes applied in managing the procurement and logistics enable precise recording and automation of the procurement and logistics processes and optimizing business interactions and communications inside and outside the organization, with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of the organization with product and service suppliers inside and outside the country. The ultimate goal of the procurement and logistics management in a project is the timely and quality completion and delivery of the project.


General Specification

Web User Interface
Mobile Application
User Friendly
Private User Cartable
Ability to Share the Project Data Between All Project Parties Such as Client, TPA, Subcontractors, etc.
Ability to Define Data Access Permission for each Project Parties
Ability to Define Operation Access Permission for each Operator & Operator Groups

Companies Data Management

Manage Information of Suppliers, Vendors, Subcontractors, etc
Manage the Product and Services Supplies by any Company
Ability to Ranking the Companies

Material Coding System

Ability to Define Multiple Coding System for Project Material
Automatic Material Description Generation According to It’s Code
Automatic Material Code Generation According to It’s Description
Ability to Relate the Material Codes to Associated Engineering Code

Project Bill of Material (BOM) and Material Take-Off (MTO) Management

Manage the Related Material to Each Project Document
Revise BOM and MTO Automatically by Document Revising Process
Store All Previous Revisions of Project BOM and MTO and it’s History

Project Material Requisition Management

Manage All The Project Material Requisitions
Ability to Revise the Project Material Requisitions
Store All Previous Revisions of Project Material Requisitions and it’s History

Procurement Packages Management

Manage All The Project Procurement Packages
Ability to Revise the Procurement Packages
Store All Previous Revisions of Procurement Packages and it’s History

Tender Management

Manage The Process of Project Tendering for Each Procurement Package or Material Requisition
Ability to Generate SVL (Short Vendor List) for Each Tender
Automatic Generation The Tender Documents
Receive The Technical and Commercial Proposals of Tenders
Manage The CBE (Commercial Bid Evaluation) and TBE (Technical Bid Evaluetion) of Tenders

Contract Management

Manage The Project Contracts
Manage The Contract Amendments
Manage The Contract Payment Terms
Manage The Contract Invoices and Financial Transaction
Manage The Contract LCs (Letter Of Credit)
Manage The Contract Insurances

Inspection Management

Manage The Project Inspection Processes
Manage The Project RFIs (Request For Inspection)
Manage The Inspection Sessions
Manage The Inspection Reports
Manage The Project NCRs (None Conformity Report)

Transportation Management

Manage The Project Packing Lists
Manage The Transportation Process From Source Location to the Destination
Track the Online Position of Each Transportation Package

Warehouse Management

Manage Project Warehouses for All Subcontractors
Manage The MR (Material Receive) Process
Manage The OPI (Open Package Inspection) Process
Ability to View and Track Online Warehouse Inventory